NUTTY ONE PACK🥜🥜 - Sweet Shot Cookies
NUTTY ONE PACK🥜🥜 - Sweet Shot Cookies
NUTTY ONE PACK🥜🥜 - Sweet Shot Cookies
NUTTY ONE PACK🥜🥜 - Sweet Shot Cookies


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 6 Pack of our favorite nutty combinations!

Almond Crunch🥜🥜 - Chocolate Chip cookie dressed with chocolate coconut & infused with frosting

Hazelnut Coffee🥜🥜 - Chocolate Chip cookie dressed with toasted hazelnut & infused with Nutella® coffee ganache

Chocolate Chip Oreo PB🥜🥜 - Chocolate Chip cookie dressed with Oreo & infused with peanut butter

Sugar Vanilla Oreo PB🥜🥜 - Sugar cookie dressed with Vanilla Oreo & infused with peanut butter

Sugar Nutella® Fluff🥜🥜 - Sugar cookie infused with fluff & Nutella®

Sugar PBJ🥜🥜 - Sugar cookie dressed with peanuts & infused with peanut butter & jelly

1 of each; total of 6

*photos coming soon*

Cookie Care

How should I store my Sweet Shot Cookies?
Cookies can be stored in the freezer, refrigerator or at room temperature. We recommend keeping your cookies in the fridge or freezer. If cookies are stored in the fridge, take them out 15-30 minutes before eating. If cookies are stored in the freezer, take them out an hour before eating.

How long do Sweet Shot Cookies stay fresh?
Cookies stored in the freezer can last up to 3 months. Room temperature and refrigerated cookies last 4-5 days.  

For the best bite, how should I eat my Sweet Shot Cookies?
For the best bite, warm all cookies in the oven at 325 degrees for 3-5 minutes. For DIY orders, warm cookies in oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. Once the cookie is warm, insert the syringe inside & press down.

Shipping & Pick Up

We only ship on Wednesday's. Currently, we do not ship same-day or the same week that orders are placed. Orders placed on Monday-Friday by 5pm CST, will be shipped out the following Wednesday via USPS Priority Mail or UPS (depending on what you select at checkout). Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped out 10 days later on Wednesday.

What days do you ship?
We only ship on Wednesday's. 

How much is shipping?  
Shipping is automatically calculated via USPS Priority Mail and UPS. 

How long will it take to be delivered once shipped? 
1-3 Days.
Please note, USPS time is not guaranteed. Sometimes delays occur, and we are not responsible for late orders due to the courier. 


All local orders can take up to 2-5 days to complete. Please place your orders as far in advance as possible! Orders can be picked up at our storefront in Logan Square - 3211 W Armtiage Ave. Once your order is placed, a member from our team will contact you for pick up day and times.

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