About Sweet Shot Cookies

Hallie Schwartz Brad Schwartz

Hi, we are Brad & Hallie Schwartz and this is Sweet Shot Cookies! We are a family run business and a brother & sister team committed to making incredible cookies. Crafted with care using family recipes and premium ingredients.  We guarantee a cookie with exceptional quality that is a delightfully tasty experience.

Growing up in suburban Chicago, Hallie loved to bake with her mom and aunt. But it wasn’t until 2017 after graduating from Tulane University (and with a push from Brad) that we took her passion to the next level and started selling our incredible cookies online.

We thought we would start an Instagram for fun, but then our Instagram blew up. With orders piling up, we moved the business out of an apartment and into a commercial kitchen and the rest is history.

We can’t wait for you to try our handmade, small-batch treats that feel gourmet but taste like a great homemade cookie. Every bite will deliver the perfect balance of taste, quality, and charm.