About Sweet Shot Cookies

Sweet Shot Cookies was founded by Hallie Ruth Schwartz and is a Chicago-based cookie company. We specialize in infused cookies and gluten free cookies! Our infused cookies are gooey, homemade chocolate chip, sugar and butter cookies infused with your favorite sweet filling. We offer anything from marshmallow fluff to ice cream — you name it, we infuse it. 

Infused cookies can be ordered pre-filled or Do It Yourself. Pre filled cookies come already infused with the delicious filling of your choice. If you’re in the mood for a fun, interactive activity, Do It Yourself cookies are delivered with a syringe full of flavor so you can inject the cookies with as much filling as you want!

My Story

Hallie Ruth 

I’ve always had the biggest sweet tooth and a passion for baking. Growing up, I loved making my own creations from scratch and sharing them with my friends and family. Above all, my favorite treat to bake has been chocolate chip cookies. I have traveled all over the US in search of the best chocolate chip cookie. After tasting hundreds of different recipes, I finally decided to create my own chocolate chip cookie recipe that topped all the rest. 

My dream job has always been to open a bakery, but I told myself I couldn’t do so unless I came up with an idea that was so unique, it would change the cookie game. One night while trying to fall asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about s’mores! I ran to the kitchen and quickly whipped one up. While eating my late night s’more, I spotted a day old cookie and put some crumbs on the inside of my gooey chocolatey graham crackers. In that moment, I thought to myself, “there has to be a better, fun way to make a s’more cookie.” That is when I started brainstorming how to make the ultimate cookie and Sweet Shot Cookies was discovered.